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Squidoo is one of my favorite social media sites.  I love reading the lenses. I’m absolutely amazed at the information put there by it’s users. Squidoo is always coming up with new features. For instance,

Squidoo rolled out a brand new feature last month called Squidoo Magazines. “A Squidoo magazine is a lifestyle vertical within Squidoo that features excellent lens content on a particular topic, along with news and stories and editorial, all integrated with Facebook and Twitter and optimized for real reader enjoyment.

In addtion to reading these enertaining lenses, I also use Squidoo to increase traffic to my blogs.

I won’t take you through the steps of creating a lense since this information can be found for free with a quick trip to a search engine.  However, after you create an account there there are a few things you need to know before you create a lense:

1) You are going to use your keyword in the lense tilte and the URL.  The URL’s are given on a first come first serve basis, so it’s okay to create a lense with no content if you are going to come back to it soon. This way you will reserve the URL that match your keywords. If you wait too long to be build out your lense squidoo, you will lose that URL.

2) Always include a hyperlink to your website somewhere in the text field. Be sure that your anchor text is one of the keywords used to promote your site. People tend to click on these links and it will increase traffic to your site.

3) Don’t forget to promote your lenses. You can use the same techniques that you would use to promote your blog, just don’t let your lense go unotice.

If you create your lenses correctly, you will not only increase your traffic but also reap the benefit of having a backlink on a high PR website. Let me know if these tips worked out for you.

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Congratulations! You’ve started your blog and have been working very hard on promoting it. Your hard work is starting to pay off and you are now getting traffic to your blog!  While there are many ways you can make money from your blog, here three easy options that you should consider:

1) Affiliate programs – An affiliate program is a system in which a merchant pays you for sending it customer. There are thousands of affiliate programs available. You won’t have any problem finding one or two that have products matching your blog’s niche. Just be sure you check out some of the small programs before you join them. Make sure that they have a good reputation among their affiliates and customers. Some of the larger well-known programs are Amazon, Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Linkshare and Commission Junction just to name a few. Membership is free and you get started today.

2) Advertising programs- This another easy way to start making money with your blog. Google Adsense is a well known program that is free to join and can pay well. Before placing the ads on your site, make sure you read and adhere to the Terms of Service. Google has strict rules and you can read all over the net about people who were making huge sums of money and then lost their accounts. There are many advertising programs available, you can do a quick search on your favorite search engine for more options.

3) Advertisers- You don’t have to go through an advertising program to make money with advertisers. It may take time to find your own advertisers. However,  the more popular your blog becomes the easier it will be to get your own sponsors. Having your own sponsors will put more money in your pocket by cutting out the middle man.

Go ahead and start making money with blogs!

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Okay, this subject is dear to my heart because I have been letting a few of my blogs sit idle this year.We all know that we should be posting to our blogs on a regular schedule, so I’ve revamped my posting schedule. I have discovered that I rarely run out of  ideas for a post, but I often read about others who have this problem.

 Have you ever sat down to write a post and couldn’t think of anything to write? I’m sure this has happen to everyone at one time or another. Here are a few tips that will have allow you to write posts more often:

  • Capture at 5 to 10 post ideas every day- I prefer to carry a small pocket notebook to write down article ideas, but I know many that will keep the list in their phone. Believe me this will save you a lot of time. The trick is to capture the idea as soon as you have them. I also keep a small white board tablet with an eraser marker hanging in the bathroom.
  • Visit a forum that’s related to your niche. Many of the questions asked in the forum will give you great post ideas.
  • Read the local news or your favorite news site
  • Get ideas from your own life. (For example, I’ve been neglecting a few of my blogs, so I started jotting down ideas on how I can find the time to post more often. So I took that list and made it into this post.

Feel free to share your tips. Do you have any tips for posting to your blogs more often?

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I normally don’t have any concerns about the changes Google  makes to their algorithm.  Google made their “Panda” also called “Farmer’s” update in March and my sites held their ranking. I use white hat tactics and in the past  my sites were only mildly effected by any change Google decided to implement.  However, I couldn’t help but be concern for the many people that lost huge incomes.

I personally have several freinds who could not believe the impact that Panda had on their sites. They have spent the last couple of months removing  low quality pages and promoting their sites.  There have been many articles and posts on this subject, so you won’t have any problem getting more information. Here’s  one that I think is worth reading:

Google Panda Update Survival Guide


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In an earlier post we covered the Best Time to Blog Post, so naturally I received a few emails asking the question “How often should I post to my blog?”  This is a frequently asked question among new bloggers.

You could receive a hundred different responses to this question and have a hundred correct responses. There are just too many variables of a blog and the blogger to give you one answer. If you have a news blog you may want to post two to three times a day. If you write a seasonal blog then you may write more posts during the season and then less post in the off season. For example, if you write a Christmas blog you may only post twice a month February to October and then post every day in November and December and then once a week in January.

When you first start your blog you should have goals and a plan for your blog. This will include a decision on how often you should post. As a general rule, you should post as often as you wanted so long as you provide quality information without burning out your readers. Remember to review your stats periodically to help determine your posting schedule.

Just remember that even if you have a seasonal blog, you will still need to post regularly or often enough to keep your ranking in the search engines. So tell me what kind of blog do you have and how often do you post?

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The Federal Trade Commission has released new guide lines on 10/05/09. These changes affect  testimonial advertisements, bloggers and celebrity endorsements.  There are some new rules related to disclosures that will required. Make sure you read this article.

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Learning and teaching things about blogging now day’s it’s really easy. You can find hundreds of thousands of successful stories. But over the years I have not really read any blogs mentioning to get feedback and learn from comments on other blog websites.

Other Comment’s can help you.

Let say for example you are writing about topic “How to generate 20.000 pageviews per month” well you can start writing and be done with the post. But would it be nice that you have comments like “WOW I never thought of that” or “Thanks you helped me so much” rather than “Man that’s stupid , this is how I generate 20.0000 pageviews”

Are you following me? ( No not on twitter :) )

So to write more succesfull stories articles or blog posts (Whatever you call it) first do your homework

  • get the facts
  • see what others think about the facts
  • who benefits from those facts
  • is it worth writing about it?

And  to get all the answers and facts above , just lookup the stuff on google, go to blog and read comments , in those comments I bet you money you will find helpful links and better feedback than posting a Poll or Survey online!

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This week I would like  to introduce you to different type of traffic “YouTube Traffic“. By no means, I am video fanatic nor I have big skills with YouTube. But once a while I would create video that I think others might like , while making YouTube videos I noticed few days later that my traffic changed yet I was not able to tell where from.

So here is few tips what you can upload to youtube and generate some traffic:
Example my video; How To Make Money

This video alone which is pretty much LAME and I wasn’t sure what I was doing got me over 6.000 page views. There is other videos I made and my traffic trippled in just few months. (I am talking about different blog, more tech blog)

What I would like you to do for homework:

Create video that will help others, make it original. See also what is trending on YouTube. Most YouTuber’s love comedy so be funny and creative. Imagine just if you make that video and land 360.000 video views , now from that 360K viewers probably 1/4 of them will visit your site. So don’t forget to include your website on the sidebar!!!

Wish you happy youtubing!

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Over the past few years I learned that if you post an article at specific time you can gain more readers, returning visitors and you control your audience when to hit the site the most.

Best time to blog post will be right in the morning 6am. Most people wake up at that time, have their coffee, serial and laptop front of them. But that does not mean that your particular audience is going to be that way.


Blogs like Political News, Economy News, Technology News or Celebrity News (News that change constantly) are more interesting to read in the morning or after work 5PM.

Blogs like Make Money Online, Astronomy, How To’s, Education etc …are more visited throughout the day BUT there is always that peak time which you should hit every day.


As you can see BONTB peak time is between 12pm-18pm now I would like you to compare your times and see the difference.

Again Why?????

Because what you want to do is check your time line when people are most visiting and blog post about an hour before the big audience arrives. This way people will say “Oh this has been just updated, great!” or “Wow I got to bookmark this!, it’s breaking news!”

That’s why! :)

Wish you many visitors my friends!

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