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Broadband Lemons to Mobile Lemonade

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This week my negative karma kicked in if you haven’t noticed yet by my last posts. But the reason I am writing this way is because I don’t want you to quit blogging. Motivation is the key! And there are ways to keep your self motivated not to quit blogging.

Here are few examples how I kept my self motivated in situations where I said “i’ll just quit!!”:

I started reading inspirational blogs and one of my favorite is Problogger(How Do You Stay Motivated) there is not one day (for past 2 years) that his posts did not lead me to some kind of positive motivation.

Money should NOT be your real motivation, imagine you blog for 2 years and you only managed to pay off your hosting! And then right before you wanted to quit blogging some top post keyword of yours landed as no.1 in google the next day, which brought you 52.000+ visitors that day.

Blogging is time consuming but then as I said in earlier post, you don’t have to post every day , people don’t expect you to.Try to write at least once or twice a week grab 10 minutes of your time and blog something in your niche. Take DosDosh for example, he writes about once or twice a week since he started blogging and look what his blog became (Top 100 in technorati, over 16.000+ Rss subscribers).

Blogs that keep me motivated: Blogs



Social Networks like Twitter, Plurk, MySpace, FaceBook …. can keep you motivated too! People constantly ask “when are you going to post something?, Why didn’t you post anything last week?, How can I advertise on your blog?”

So find the way to keep your self motivated , and motivate others to blog in positive way even though you might feel the negative energy inside your self.

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I set myself the task of about three posts a week and if sometimes i fall below that ideal then i dont try to force it; instead i take a bit of a break and usually when i switch off completely i tend to get some new ideas.

Nicole Price wrote on June 26, 2008 - 4:32 am

[...] Keep writing! bontb thinks you should hang in there. Here are his suggestions to stay motivated. [...]


Motivation isn’t really a problem for me. I love what I do so love doing it. Getting chance to blog is like having time to do a hobby, its a luxory.

Google Nemesis wrote on June 30, 2008 - 4:27 am

I’m with Nicola, I like to take a break and come back refreshed. There’s nothing quite like going for a workout or swim to get your head out of the PC.

Phil Benwell wrote on July 1, 2008 - 7:55 am

Motivation really is a very important thing that the author of a blog should have. I myself have said many times that I would quit. But its my motivation to have huge traffic sites that keeps me going. Great post!

Fahad wrote on July 2, 2008 - 7:36 am
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